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This Policy hereby creates an Ethics Inquiry Committee.
A.     Membership. The Ethics Inquiry Committee shall be composed of the five (5) most junior members of the County Board, excluding those who would be the subject of that investigation, or those who would request an exemption from selection for extenuating circumstances. Should a member be excluded from the Ethics Inquiry Committee for any reason, the next most junior member shall take their place, but must have no financial or personal interest in issues before the Ethics Inquiry Committee.
B.     Duties and Responsibilities. The Ethics Inquiry Committee shall be responsible for investigating a complaint, and conducting a fact finding hearing pursuant to subparagraph 4.13(E) below, in any case where the Ethics Inquiry Committee has found that probable cause exists for believing the allegations of a complaint referred to the Committee after preliminary review pursuant to subparagraph 4.13(B) through (D).

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