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 2015 Minimize
 TitleCategorySize (Kb)
January 7PDF69.72
February 4PDF77.51
March 4PDF85.58
April 1PDF65.16
May 6PDF93.15
 2014 Minimize
 TitleCategorySize (Kb)
January 2PDF195.91
February 5PDF210.45
March 5PDF75.20
April 2PDF76.93
May 7PDF73.16
June 4PDF76.11
October 1PDF81.43
November 5PDF75.77
December 3PDF79.82
 2013 Minutes Minimize
 TitleCategorySize (Kb)
February 6PDF208.81
March 6PDF207.31
April 3PDF196.81
May 1PDF198.29
June 5PDF199.23
July 3PDF204.81
August 8PDF208.53
October 2PDF206.23
November 16PDF212.31
December 4PDF206.68
 2012 Minutes Minimize
 TitleCategorySize (Kb)
January 4PDF203.48
February 1PDF207.89
March 7PDF200.15
April 4PDF215.75
May 2PDF214.05
June 7PDF206.78
July 5PDF192.43
August 1PDF207.18
August 21PDF186.52
September 5PDF205.90
October 3PDF203.83
October 26PDF205.60
November 7PDF201.16
December 5PDF207.34
 2011 Minimize
 TitleCategorySize (Kb)
January 26PDF18.35
February 2PDF25.80
February 16PDF18.40
March 2PDF35.29
April 6PDF26.18
May 4PDF44.38
May 9PDF15.91
May 24PDF16.09
June 1PDF36.56
June 15PDF25.33
July 6PDF71.25
August 3PDF14.95
August 19PDF203.72
November 2PDF204.71
 2010 Minimize
 TitleCategorySize (Kb)
May 5PDF38.19
June 2PDF37.48
September 1PDF40.62
September 1PDF30.99

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