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 2015 Minutes Minimize
 TitleCategorySize (Kb)
February 11PDF156.87
March 11PDF174.36
May 5PDF219.03
 2014 Minutes Minimize
 TitleCategorySize (Kb)
January 8PDF663.77
February 12PDF607.17
March 12PDF614.05
April 9PDF178.65
May 14PDF285.52
June 11PDF248.92
July 9PDF139.65
August 13PDF319.58
September 10PDF164.27
November 12PDF186.64
December 10PDF153.59
 2013 Minutes Minimize
 TitleCategorySize (Kb)
January 9PDF132.73
February 13PDF711.71
February 19 SpecialPDF674.66
March 13PDF667.56
April 17PDF573.08
May 8PDF576.03
June 12PDF573.98
June 18PDF564.95
July 10PDF662.31
August 14PDF674.29
September 18PDF578.83
October 9PDF575.93
November 13PDF660.87
December 11PDF222.58
 2012 Minutes Minimize
 TitleCategorySize (Kb)
January 5PDF529.05
January 17PDF452.14
February 6PDF480.48
February 21PDF454.96
March 14PDF516.74
April 11PDF483.41
May 9PDF487.54
June 19PDF535.44
July 11PDF555.34
August 8PDF630.81
August 14PDF615.95
September 12PDF554.91
August 20PDF551.19
October 10PDF569.12
November 14PDF603.65
December 12PDF133.66
December 28PDF49.77
 2011 Minutes Minimize
 TitleCategorySize (Kb)
January 12PDF156.26
February 9PDF77.22
April 13PDF77.15
April 19PDF76.00
May 11PDF95.68
June 8PDF85.58
June 21PDF70.28
July 13PDF80.90
August 10PDF445.28
September 14PDF384.44
October 12PDF435.13
November 9PDF593.55
December 14PDF427.02
December 27PDF457.33
 2010 Minutes Minimize
 TitleCategorySize (Kb)
January 13PDF90.17
January 19PDF42.30
February 10PDF80.65
March 10PDF69.66
April 14PDF76.54
May 12PDF156.26
June 9PDF52.59
July 14PDF67.49
July 14 - JointPDF35.16
August 16PDF64.74
September 8PDF89.27
October 12PDF71.61
October 13PDF609.23
November 10PDF623.92
November 12PDF523.32
December 8PDF778.92
December 21PDF102.35
 2009 Minutes Minimize
 TitleCategorySize (Kb)
January 14PDF55.00
February 11PDF51.16
March 11PDF49.60
April 8PDF51.42
May 13PDF58.54
June 10PDF56.98
July 8PDF93.66
August 12PDF87.36
August 18PDF48.08
September 9PDF72.67
October 14PDF114.48
November 18PDF83.81
December 15PDF88.49
 2008 Minutes Minimize
 TitleCategorySize (Kb)
January 1PDF42.57
February 13PDF40.18
March 12PDF43.41
April 9PDF52.92
May 14PDF47.70
June 11PDF43.95
July 16PDF43.66
August 13PDF22.12
October 8PDF43.85
October 16 - Joint A&FPDF31.11
September 10PDF17.62
November 12PDF50.24
December 10PDF45.90
 2007 Minutes Minimize
 TitleCategorySize (Kb)
January 10PDF32.15
February 14PDF35.94
March 14PDF33.81
April 4PDF34.66
May 9PDF28.87
June 13PDF35.10
July 11PDF41.50
August 8PDF42.94
September 12PDF40.98
October 10PDF44.34
November 7PDF42.19
December 12PDF42.57

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