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 2014 Minimize
 TitleCategorySize (Kb)
January 8PDF492.13
February 6PDF263.62
March 12PDF243.23
April 9PDF261.48
May 14PDF281.61
June 11PDF256.55
June 11, Special - RomePDF59.80
July 9PDF257.90
August 13PDF263.07
September 10PDF252.88
October 8PDF79.93
November 12PDF112.00
December 10PDF110.15
 2013 Minimize
 TitleCategorySize (Kb)
January 9PDF32.53
February 11PDF377.74
March 5PDF429.01
April 10PDF287.13
May 8PDF328.59
June 12PDF365.71
July 10PDF428.51
August 14PDF324.51
September 11PDF294.30
October 9PDF309.78
November 13PDF360.33
December 11PDF260.33
December 11 SpecialPDF187.11
 2012 Minimize
 TitleCategorySize (Kb)
January 11PDF268.35
February 8PDF281.84
March 7PDF271.37
April 11PDF276.32
May 9PDF299.21
June 13PDF316.02
July 11PDF408.95
August 8PDF362.55
September 12PDF326.13
September 14PDF326.55
October 8PDF620.57
November 14PDF326.92
December 12PDF326.28
 2011 Minimize
 TitleCategorySize (Kb)
January 12PDF51.08
February 9PDF48.06
March 10PDF49.35
April 13PSF50.54
May 11PDF50.54
June 15PDF59.77
July 6PDF89.60
August 10PDF130.91
September 14PDF84.47
October 12PDF333.06
November 15PDF191.48
November 16PDF669.98
December 14PDF363.07
 2010 Minimize
 TitleCategorySize (Kb)
May 12PDF59.88
June 9PDF55.11
July 14PDF63.23
August 11PDF55.46
September 8PDF57.02
October 13PDF54.38
November 10PDF59.80
December 10PDF49.68

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