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        Jani Zander

          Adams County Treasurer
          PO Box 470
          Friendship, WI 53934

          Phone (608)339-4202
          Fax (608)339-4584
          Click HERE to email


The Adams County Treasurer's office is responsible for the collection of second installment and delinquent real estate tax payments. The local municipal treasurer sends out the original tax bills in December and collects payments for those taxes at their designated collection sites thru January 31. Payment due dates are noted on the face of the tax bill. Delinquency repercussions and other important information is printed on the back side of the tax bill. Failure to receive a tax bill does not affect the validity of the taxes or negate any delinquency charges. Please remember to also notify your County Treasurer whenever you change your address. 
Initial Real Estate Tax information becomes available online at www.adamscountylandrecords .com, usually mid to late December. Municipality collected tax payments will not be imported into our system until after February settlement. If you need to know if the Real Estate Tax has been paid prior to the import, please contact the Municipal Treasurer. Thank you!
 On-Line Payment Option Minimize

You can now pay your taxes on line by credit card through Lexis Nexis Payment Solutions (VitalChek), they accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Credit Cards Accepted, Visa, Master Card Discover, and American Express

LexisNexis charges a convenience fee of 2.95% of the amount of the payment (including any penalties or interest), is charged for all tax payments to process payments.  You will be notified of the fee before your payment is made.  This fee is paid directly to Lexis Nexis. Our government partners do not receive any portion of this fee.

This link is for second installment payments made after February 1, and delinquent taxes. Any current year tax payment made prior to February 1, need to be made to the local municipality. Please refer to your tax bill for correct information. The County Treasurer’s office does not have access to post these payments. Any payment made to this website for current year taxes will be returned to the taxpayer to send to the correct collecting entity. Per WI State Statute 74.69, a payment must made to the correct collecting entity to be considered timely. Thank you. To make a Second Installment Tax Payment or Delinquent Tax Payment Click Here
Effective immediately, per Adams County Management Policy, Adams County will no longer do credit card transactions via phone. Please use the website listed to make your payments, should you choose to use your card. If you have any questions you may contact our office. Thank you!

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