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The Highway Department oversees the ATV Route/Crossing process, including surveillance and issuance of permits.
Any municipality or organization that desires a route along, or a crossing over, a County
Highway may request a route or crossing permit. Anyone requesting a permit shall complete an application in compliance with this policy and the Wisconsin Statutes and file the application with the Highway Department. The Highway Department will review the application using the process in this ordinance. No person shall commence or continue using the County Highway, or request or allow others to commence or continue use of that County Highway, unless a permit has been issued in accordance with this policy.
All applicants are subject to the guidelines set in the “Adams County Ordinance Establishing ATV Highway Crossing/Route.”
1.                    Review the Adams County Ordinance Establishing ATV Highway Crossing/Route.  Click Here To Print or View the ATV Routes & Crossing Ordinance.
2.                    Print and complete the application in its entirety. Click Here To Print the ATV Route/Crossing ApplicationATV Route/Crossing Permit fee $35.00
3.                  Mail the Application, including the appropriate fee, to:
Patrick Kotlowski
Highway Commissioner
Adams County Highway Department
1342 CTH F
Adams, WI 53910

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