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With summer, comes the threat of severe weather. Although Adams County is not "Tornado Alley", severe storms and tornadoes are always a possibility. The following are some helpful tips for you to remember as you enjoy your stay in the park.

  1. Check the latest weather forecast by tuning in to the local radio station: Adams - WDKM/FM Dial setting 106.1 or Wisconsin Rapids - WGLX/FM Dial Setting 103.3
  2. When a tornado warning is issued, it means a Tornado has been spotted, or is indicated on radar.  SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY! SIRENS ARE SOUNDED!! (If available)
  3. Keep an eye on the sky.  Darkening skies, increasing winds, lightening, and towering thunderheads (clouds) are indications that severe weather is in the area! Monitor a radio for the latest weather information!
  4. When a thunderstorm threatens, seek inside shelter immediately. Get out of, or off of water, get off bicycles, etc. If caught outside do not get underneath a tall isolated tree.  Avoid hilltops or areas that project above the surrounding landscape. Go to a low-lying area, such as a ravine or valley, but be cautious of flash flooding in such areas. Lightening is a leading killer in thunderstorms, an average of just over 100 people are killed each year by lightening, If caught outside crouch down and get on the toes of your feet so that you are making limited contact with the ground, do not lie flat on the ground.
  5. Most all Cities and Villages in Adams County have sirens that are activated when a tornado warning is issued. The tone for a tornado siren in Adams County is a steady blast that will last approximately three (3) minutes.  If there is threatening weather and you hear a tornado siren seek shelter immediately. However, when at the Park, you may or may not hear any sirens.
  6. The Park Office is generally open during regular business hours and park Staff will make every attempt to have the office open outside of these hours if there is there is severe weather in the area. It is your responsibility as a camper to seek appropriate shelter. You cannot outrun a tornado in a car, so location such as ditches, low-lying areas and the like would be appropriate sites to look for.

Evacuation: Campers should familiarize themselves with the Park exit(s).



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