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Ad Hoc Building - Amended
Start Date/Time: Thursday, July 20, 2017 9:00 AM
Recurring Event: One time event
Importance: Normal Priority
Location: A260 Courthouse
  1. Call to Order by the Chairman.
  2. Was the meeting properly announced?
  3. Roll call.
  4. Approve agenda.
  5. Approve minutes.
  6. The Committee will convene in closed session per Wis. Stats. §19.85(1)(e) for purposes of deliberating or negotiating the purchasing of public properties, the investing of public funds, or conducting other specified public business, whenever competitive or bargaining reasons require a closed session. Discuss and/or act on possible acquisition of property within the Village of Friendship.
  7. The Committee will reconvene in open session per Wis. Stats. §19.85(2), to consider and vote on appropriate matters.
  8. Discuss and/or act on department requested space needs (area summary) as identified in the Potter Lawson “Area Summary” Report. Individual department heads may be called to the meeting to provide information on their request for space needs.
  9. Discuss/act issue regarding meeting attendance
  10. Set next meeting date.
  11. Adjourn.
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