Adams County General Election -  November 2016 - Un-Official Results

President of the United States Republican Donald J Trump/Michael R Pence 5983
Democratic Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine 3780
Constitution Darrell L Castle/Scott N Bradley 44
Libertarian Gary Johnson/Bill Weld 207
Wisconsin Green Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka 80
Workers World Party Monica Moorehead/Lamont Lilly 9
American Delta Party Rocky Roque De La Fuente/Michael Steinberg 4
Write In   Honesty, Reparations, Education, no Deficit Cherunda Fox/Roger Kushner 12
Write In   Courage, Character, Service Evan McMullin/Nathan Johnson 11
Write In   The American Solidarity Party Michael A Maturen/Juan A Munoz 0
Write In   Independent Marshall Schoenke/James Creighton Mitchell, Jr 0
Write In   Veterans Party of America Chris Keniston/Deacon Taylor 0
Write In   It's Our Children Laurence Kotlikoff/Edward E Leamer 12
Write In   Life, Family, Constitution Tom Hoefling/Steve Schulin 4
Write In   Joe Exotic for American People Joseph Maldonado 0
Write In   Socialist Party USA Emidio Soltysik/Angela Nicole Walker 0
Scattering 40
US Senator Republican Ron Johnson 5346
Democratic Russ Feingold 4093
Libertarian Phillip N Anderson 486
e  Republican John Schiess 0
Scattering 7
Congressional District 3 Democratic Ron Kind 5918
Write In   Republican Ryan D Peterson 0
Scattering 69
State Senate District 14 Republican Luther S. Olsen 2845
Democratic Brian Smith 2548
Scattering 1
State Senate District 24 Republican Patrick Testin 2344
Democratic Julie Lassa 1869
Scattering 1
Assembly District 41 Republican Joan Ballweg 3138
Independent Bradley Pearson 1889
Scattering 1
Assembly District 72 Republican Scott Krug 2330
Democratic David Gorski 1800
Scattering 3
District Attorney Independent Tania M. Bonnett 6832
Scattering 18
County Clerk Democratic Cindy Phillippi 7051
Scattering 41
Treasurer Democratic Jani Zander 7079
Scattering 25
Register of Deeds Republican Jodi M. Helgeson 7762
Scattering 28
Total Voters 10259
Number of Municipalities Reporting 20 of 20
Unofficial Results
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