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Planning and Zoning


Planning & Zoning Department

400 North Main Street, Room A020
P.O. Box 187
Friendship, WI 53934
(608) 339-4222
Fax: (608) 339-4504

**Adams County Recommended Draft of Comprehensive Plan***
Revised as of 9/13/18


Revised as of 08/23/2018

Phil McLaughlin - Zoning Administrator
Joe Jackson - Building Inspector/Zoning & Code Enforcement Officer/Sanitarian
Peter Studley - Building Inspector/Zoning & Code Enforcement Officer/Sanitarian
Cathy Allen - Secretary/Bookkeeper
Janene Harper - Secretary/Bookkeeper

The intent of the Planning & Zoning Department and the P&Z portion of Adams County Code is to regulate lot coverage, population density, to protect & preserve prime agricultural land, secure safety from fire, panic, flooding, pollution, contamination and other dangers, to stabilize & protect property values, preserve & protect natural and man-made aesthetic characteristics of the County, maintain safe & healthful water conditions, prevent flood-caused damages, promote health & wellness & general welfare of Adams County, provide & protect a variety of suitable commercial and industrial sites, uphold State of Wisconsin statutes & Adams County Code, provide certain minimum standards, provisions & requirements for safe & stable design, methods of construction, & uses of buildings to protect and foster the health,  safety and well-being of persons occupying or using such buildings, upholding Wisconsin  Administrative Code, provide for the administration & enforcement of P&Z's portion of Adams County Code and provide penalties for violation of P&Z's portion of Adams County Code.

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Private Onsite Waste Treatment System (POWTS/Sanitation) Forms

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