County Directory

Department Name First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
County Treasurer Jani Zander Treasurer (608)-339-4202
County Treasurer Tina Williams Deputy Treasurer (608)-339-4202
Veterans Service Officer Stephen Dykes CVSO (608)-339-4398
Health & Human Services Wendy Pierce Fiscal Manager (608)-339-4333
Corporation Counsel Diane Heider Legal Assistant II (608)-339-4558
Library Erin Foley Director (608)-339-4250
UW-Extension Linda Arneson Admin Assistant (608)-339-4237
Child Support Agency Tori Lynn Babcock Lead Specialist (608)-339-4228
Land & Water Conservation Chuck Sibilsky Resource Conservationist (608)-339-4517
Land & Water Conservation Megan Steckelberg Conservation Program Coordinator (608)-339-4568
Land & Water Conservation Kason Morley County Conservationist (608)-339-4275
Land & Water Conservation Samuel Peterson Water Resource Specialist (608)-339-4269
Register in Probate Chris Langer (608)-339-4213
Planning & Zoning Philip McLaughlin Zoning Administrator (608)-339-4222
County Manager/Administrative Coordinator Casey Bradley County Manager/Administrative Coordinator (608)-339-4579
County Manager/Administrative Coordinator Kyle Patterson Finance Manager (608)-339-4201
Clerk of Circuit Court Lori Banovec Clerk of Court (608)-339-4209
Clerk of Circuit Court Char Keach Deputy Clerk (608)-339-4284
Clerk of Circuit Court Mary Deane Deputy Clerk (608)-339-4211
Clerk of Circuit Court Owen Riese Deputy Clerk (608)-339-4302
Clerk of Circuit Court Teresa Zbleski Deputy Clerk (608)-339-4303
Solid Waste Shannel Parr Office Manager (608)-339-9178
Solid Waste Samantha Page Scale Clerk (608)-339-9178
Solid Waste Destiny Martinez Scale Clerk (608)-339-9178
Solid Waste Jason Reichhoff Recycling Manager (608)-339-9178
Solid Waste Billy Armstrong Construction/Daily Operations Supervisor (608)-339-9178
Solid Waste Eric Joslin Shop Supervisor (608)-339-9178
Child Support Agency Janet Leja Director (608)-339-4228
Child Support Agency Laurie DeVaney Secretary/Receptionist (608)-339-4228
Highway Patrick Kotlowski Highway Commissioner (608)-339-3355
Highway David Johnson County Road Superintendent (608)-339-3355
Highway Patrick Pare County Road Superintendent (608)-339-3355
Highway Ken Winegarden Shop Foreman (608)-339-3355
Highway Sherry Kotlowski Office Manager (608)-339-3355
Highway Karen Bays Clerk (608)-339-3355
Register of Deeds Jodi Helgeson Register of Deeds (608)-339-4206
Register of Deeds Julie Schnolis Deputy Register of Deeds (608)-339-4206
Health & Human Services Leah Eckstein Public Health Officer (608)-339-4376
Health & Human Services Donna Richards ADRC Manager (608)-339-4251
Health & Human Services Diane Osborn Coordinated Services Manager (608)-339-4334
Health & Human Services Ruth Horndasch Support Services Coordinator (608)-339-4308
Health & Human Services Erin Schiferl Children & Family Services Manager (608)-339-4356
Health & Human Services Kay Saarinen-Barr Behavioral Health Manager (608)-339-4389
Health & Human Services Cindi Flynn Economic Support Manager (608)-339-4364
Health & Human Services Sherrie Manning Practical Cents Thrift Store Manager (608)-339-2278
Emergency Management Jane Gervais Coordinator (608)-339-4248
GIS Sam Bortz GIS Specialist (608)-339-4546
Health & Human Services Kelly Oleson Director (608)-339-4505